Commemorative & Memorial Gifts

Finding a meaningful way to remember your loved one is important.

Discover how we can help you find comfort at a time of loss and honour your someone special. 

Memorial Benches

The stunning views from Wittenham Clumps and dappled pathways of Little Wittenham Wood have inspired families for generations. Dedicate a memorial bench on behalf of a loved one and help provide many more generations to come with the opportunity to reflect and find peace in nature. 

Each of our bench locations are carefully chosen to make the most of the stunning views of our beautiful landscape. Our benches are handmade and chosen to compliment the surroundings of your chosen location. Your choice of dedication will be engraved on a plaque, serving as a fitting tribute. 

Your donation enables us to commissioning and take care of your bench and the surrounding landscape for a dedication period of 10 years.  

For benches placed on the iconic Wittenham Clumps (Castle Hill or Round Hill) we ask for a donation of £5,000.  Benches placed amongst the wild beauty of Little Wittenham Wood are supported by a donation of £3,500. 

Memorial Trees

Dedicate a tree to a loved one and you’ll be helping to make sure that future generations can enjoy these green spaces for ever. 

Memorial trees are planted in the tranquil setting of Little Wittenham Wood; a Site of Special Scientific Interest and a Special Area of Conservation. Accompanied by your family and friends, you will be invited to plant your tree at a special date and time. 

To plant and dedicate a tree, we request a donation of £300.

This contribution is used to care for your tree as well as support our work at Earth Trust, caring for our much loved green spaces and connecting more people with nature. 

Donate in Memory 

We are constantly touched by how much our wonderful places mean to the people that visit or live locally to them. If you have lost a loved one, it can be a comfort to know that you can make a difference to a cause or place that they truly valued. 

However you choose to donate, we thank you for sharing your precious memories with us.