Our new strategy is in development and will be ready very soon. We are looking forward to sharing our refocussed strategy for the next 5 years to take us through this exciting time at Earth Trust.

Background to our Strategy

Most charities are built on a desire to make things better for the public good. It has long been recognised that biodiversity is important and that the web of life, including humans as species within this web, are interconnected.

With the impact of human population growth and induced pressures on our environment the imperatives have shifted:

  • Land needs to be producing many products and we need to find a solution to managing the land so that food and products from the land such as timber and wildlife are produced in equal measure.
  • Our health and wellbeing (including mental and physical health) are dependent on ecosystems and access to green spaces.
  • The economy is dependent on functioning ecosystems and a quality natural environment.
  • Society is not as connected with nature and the Earth as it once was and it is this loss/drain of understanding and knowledge that is the greatest threat to our environment.

And in Oxfordshire:

  • Accessible Natural green spaces are generally declining in number and quality.
  • The county is experiencing significant growth of business (particularly of SMEs), housing and accompanying infrastructure are potentially threatening the very ecosystems we rely on.

As a land based and people focused charity in South Oxfordshire with limited resources our strategy needs to be highly relevant and focus on the activities and projects that deliver our charitable aspirations and are also those that are most important to the Trust’s economic sustainability.

We will share our new strategy with your shorty but in the meantime please do take a look at our recent annual reviews below.

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