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For people to understand their environment and their role in caring for it, they must have the opportunity to experience and nurture a deep connection to nature.

The Earth Trust community cares for some extremely special and inspiring places full of nature and heritage.  These amazing places engage, inspire and demonstrate nature-based solutions to climate, biodiversity and public health crises, that we hope others will take and use elsewhere.  

Your support helps us to…


the power of natural green spaces to address climate, biodiversity and wellbeing by caring for the amazing places you love – from the iconic Wittenham Clumps to treasured community reserves in Oxfordshire’s urban areas. 


and inspire more people with the environment, empowering us all to make change happen. 

Supporting our community of volunteers, providing education experiences to children and young adults and delivering a range inspiring nature-based activities that inspire change.


policy and practice so that more people can access and engage with green spaces where they live, work and play.