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Earth Trust’s inspirational green spaces are our unique outdoor classroom, providing the perfect setting for learning about where we came from, the planet in the present and how we can live in a future world.  Our aim is to inspire a community of changemakers who take action for people and nature.

Our three core education programmes, Earth School, Earth Explorers and Earth Skills each provide different learning and engagement opportunities. There is a session for everyone; whether you’re looking for outdoor learning experiences that support child development, engaging activities that provide context and excitement to topics covered in your curriculum or opportunities to gain new knowledge and skills.

For further information about any of our programmes, or for an informal chat about your requirements, simply email the team at [email protected] or call us on 01865 407792.

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Earth School

Our curriculum linked Earth School workshops have been developed with teachers in mind, with a focus on STEM, the Arts and human history for Key Stage 1 – 3.

We offer sessions throughout the year and tailor activities to the seasons with 10 workshops available based around two themes: Living World, People & Planet and Human History.

We only truly value the environment if we have a relationship with it. That comes from being in nature, connecting with green spaces in a practical way.

Earth School Tutor

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Through the physical resource we have in the land we manage, we provide valuable ‘real world’ education sessions which tackle the triple threat of biodiversity loss, climate change and the health and equality crisis.

We are land managers and farmers with a focus on sustainable food production, forest management and research, and we are advocates for the vital role of water and wetlands in our landscapes.

These are the building blocks of the planet’s ecosystem, intimately connected in a local and global context, and it is through these themes that Earth Trust is well placed to educate and drive change.

Our green spaces are our unique outdoor classrooms and our new skills and learning building, Earth Lab, is a place to inspire thought, ideas and debate about sustainability and the environment, a ‘lab’ to test new ideas and showcase innovation.

Together, they help us to inspire the next and now generation, to create a new community of changemakers who take action for people and planet.

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