About Us

We are facing a triple threat of climate change, loss of biodiversity, and a massive public health crises, made worse for those in disadvantaged communities who have little or no access to nature.

Earth Trust’s purpose is to inspire people to address these crises through the power of natural green spaces.

Earth Trust has been working towards this for 40 years, but it has never been more critical than now. Our mission is to champion access and engagement with green spaces for everyone so that together we take action for people and planet.

The part we play

Located in the South East and Oxfordshire – one of the most rapidly developing in the UK – Earth Trust is positioned at the sharp edge of thinking through the challenges of creating and managing spaces that enable both people and nature to thrive in balance.

Together with our supporter community, we are guardians of some extremely special and inspiring places, rich in nature and heritage. We use these amazing places to engage and inspire people and to demonstrate nature-based solutions that we hope others will take and use elsewhere.

Our vision is a society where accessible, engaging green spaces enable nature and people to thrive in balance.

Jayne Manley, Earth Trust CEO

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