About Us

Earth Trust is an environmental learning charity. We are the proud guardian of 500 hectares of farmland, woodland, and wetland on the bank of the River Thames. We champion accessible natural green spaces and our mission is to give you the opportunity to engage with your environment through the beautiful green spaces we look after.

We are now the most highly visited free to access green space in the South East, with over 150,000 visits per annum. In particular the Wittenham Clumps are close to many people’s hearts. We are a working farm and we strive to strike a balance between farming, conservation and provision of accessible natural green spaces for everyone to enjoy.

Our mission

To give people access to and experience of the environment through the natural green spaces we manage and together understand what we can do to care for our planet.

Our purpose

  • Engage the public in the environment through access to local natural green spaces. We aim to advance their understanding of both the ecosystems that sustain life on Earth and their own role in looking after the planet.
  • Demonstrate and communicate sustainable management and the public benefits from the land. We do this through: farming and the production of food and other products; forestry and the production of timber and wood products; and the management of water and the ecosystems on which clean water depends.
  • Care for, improve and interpret green spaces – including their biodiversity, ecosystems, and heritage features – for the public, education and knowledge.

Building natural connections

Engaging people with the natural world is one of key priorities and we have extensive education, events and volunteering programmes that allow us to do this.

  • Over 3000 pupils attend our Earth School each year, learning outside the classroom about the countryside, the web of life and the choices that we make.
  • Our unique Countryside Skills programme is designed specifically for children with special educational needs and those who struggle in the traditional classroom setting. Offering the most vulnerable children a sense of achievement and accreditation through practical outdoor activities.
  • Our events offer all ages a wide range of opportunities from exploring our farm to learning new skills
  • We have hundreds of active volunteers, supporting all aspects of the organisation, who contribute time equivalent to 10 full time members of staff. We really couldn’t do what we do without them!

Exploring the web of life


Our mission is to give people access to and experience of the natural environment through the green spaces we manage. Together we can understand what we should do to care for our planet.

Jayne Manley, Earth Trust CEO

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