Our Values

Earth Trust champions accessible natural green spaces for everyone, but how we do this is as important as what we do. Earth Trust’s values are integral to our culture and work, applying both to how we work internally and externally with others. They define who we are. They act as a compass for decision making – energising change and guiding our decisions.

Learning Together

We are all exploring and learning together. Collaborating and sharing expertise makes everyone’s understanding of the world better. We embrace differences and enjoy constructive challenge, ensuring we stretch ourselves to deliver our best work at every opportunity. We listen with deep attention and speak up when needed.

Making change happen

We focus our attention on the things that need changing to enable people and nature to live in harmony. We recognize that change happens in different ways and at different paces, and encourage fresh thinking and trying new ideas as an integral part of learning what works.

People at the heart

We seek to build a community of change-makers by fostering meaningful connection and lasting relationships. Everyone has a role to play. By nurturing a warm, respectful and open culture of belonging, based on meeting people where they are, we enable people to actively participate and contribute to change.

Connected to nature

We all have a responsibility to care for nature and understand our role within the ecosystem. But, for people to understand their environment, their place in it and their role in caring for it, they must have the opportunity to experience and nurture a deep connection to nature.