New membership scheme launch

Embargo: Tuesday 4th July 2023

Earth Trust launches a new membership scheme to become a stronger voice for championing green spaces for everyone.

For over 40 years Earth Trust has played a significant role in Oxfordshire, working to nurture and improve the green spaces in our care and to offer opportunities for others to experience them.

But the world is in crisis. Biodiversity loss, climate change challenges, poor health and wellbeing are rapidly impacting the world we live in. National challenges need local solutions. What we do here, in Oxfordshire, can inspire so many others.

This week, we are launching a new membership scheme to connect more people to Earth Trust’s purpose of addressing biodiversity, climate and wellbeing with the power of natural green spaces.

Jayne Manley, CEO of Earth Trust explains: “I believe everyone has the right to a healthy environment – clean water, unpolluted air and access to natural green spaces.  It’s my goal to give everyone the opportunity to experience the natural world – wherever they are, whoever they are, and whatever their background.

The sad truth is, 1 in 3 of us don’t have access to good quality green space within 15 minutes of home. And it’s often people in the most disadvantaged communities who are most cut off from nature.

We need to be louder and bolder, to gain more attention. To share our knowledge and experience of how to balance the needs of nature and the needs of people together. To represent more –  and more diverse – voices.

That’s why we are launching a brand new membership scheme, so that we can become an even stronger voice for championing green spaces for everyone. Currently, Earth Trust is heavily reliant on seeking grant funding to finance our work. Our new membership scheme will provide more support from a wider community  – and help us transform more lives together.”

Nature For Everyone


Gemma, one of Earth Trust’s volunteers and members has her own powerful experience to share:

Earth Trust volunteer photographer

“Helping people to access and engage with green spaces is so important. I’m living proof of this. After suffering a mental health breakdown in 2019 connecting with nature and Earth Trust has saved me.

My motto now is nature is my therapy. Engaging with nature and the feeling of purpose and belonging I get as part of the Earth Trust community has changed my life.”

Jayne continues, “In my work heading up Earth Trust, I’m inspired when I see people getting close to nature. And I’ve heard from so many people about the difference our green spaces make to their own physical and mental health. This work is so important. But it can’t happen without the support of our community.”

Members will help to make Earth Trust’s work sustainable for the long-term – so that the green spaces that mean so much to our community remain nature-rich and accessible to even more people, now and into the future.

Earth Trust membership is available for individuals, and for organisations and businesses. Be one of the first to join this new movement of people, championing access to and engagement with the natural world by becoming a member.

Together we can inspire more people with the power of green spaces, so that people and nature can thrive in balance.