Dedicate a tree

Celebrate a loved one, mark a special birthday or commemorate an anniversary


Trees are planted in the tranquil setting of Little Wittenham Wood; a Site of Special Scientific Interest and a Special Area of Conservation, crisscrossed with footpaths and woodland rides, and a haven for wildlife of every kind.

In memory of a loved one

These special woods are a haven of peace and serenity; the perfect place to plant a memorial tree to commemorate your loved one, growing a legacy for future generations to enjoy in their name, and there is the option to bury ashes under the tree if you wish.

Mark a special moment

You can dedicate a tree to celebrate a significant day or event too. Planting a tree is a wonderful way to mark a special time; wedding anniversaries, birthdays or christenings.

There are two donation options for you to choose from:

£300 – dedicate a tree with a private planting ceremony

£150 – dedicate a tree for us to plant for you

It’s simple to do, you can purchase your tree today via our online donation page, just click on the button here:

Dedicate a Tree

You’ll receive a confirmation email with all the details and the next steps but get in touch with us if you have any questions, or would like to talk through the options.

Please note, you can purchase a tree at any time of year, however we only plant trees in winter to ensure the highest chance of healthy, enduring trees. Our next planting season will begin in November 2024.

A special day

If you would like the option of a private tree planting ceremony, we promise a very special experience.

You’ll be joined by our ranger who will share more about the fascinating ecology of the woods, how your donation will contribute to our important forest management work, and the vital role new trees play in promoting biodiversity.

Accompanied by family and friends, you’ll be guided in planting your tree and adding a marker around the stem.

Get in touch with the team today if you’d like to find out more about this option: [email protected] The tree planting season runs from November to February every year.

Keith Hickman and family planting a memorial tree

Little Wittenham Wood is home to a wealth of flora and fauna.

Open sunny glades provide the perfect habitats for small mammals, invertebrates and woodland birds, and several species of ecologically important bats.

Ponds within the wood are home to one of Britain’s largest known populations of the rare great crested newt, as well as diverse species of insects including iridescent dragonflies that flit around the water’s edge on summer days.

New pond little wittenham woods

With your donation, we purchase a new sapling – carefully chosen from 6 deciduous native species, specially selected for their benefits to wildlife, and climate resilience.

Once it’s planted, your tree will be cared for and maintained by our team of rangers, to make sure it not only survives but thrives, long into the future.

And you’ll have the opportunity to visit it, to enjoy the beautiful woodland habitat it becomes part of year after year.

Your donation will be used to care for your tree, and to support our work helping to build a better world for future generations in your loved one’s name.