Artists invited to ignite passion for people and planet

Wittenham Clumps, a source of boundless creative inspiration for centuries, is set to ignite the passion of artists once again.

Earth Trust is celebrating the role that art can play in our understanding and connection to the natural world by launching an exciting new Artist in Residence programme.

Our story is nature’s story. Human’s thrive on the wellbeing benefits of birdsong, green spaces to gather, and clean air and water. But Nature needs us too – now more than ever. If we feel connected to nature, we are more likely to take action to protect it.

Art is one way to support this relationship – art opens our eyes to nature’s magnificence and the intricate balance underlying it. It builds understanding of our role within the web of life. And it brings people together to take steps, both big and small, to heal our world.

By sparking a renewed bond between people and the planet, creativity and wonder can inspire us to build a future where both flourish.

Our new residency recognises art’s power to inspire and provides a new opportunity to champion accessible green spaces where people and nature flourish together.

“We aim to ignite a sense of wonder, appreciation and understanding of the environment through art,” said Anna Wilson, Head of Experience & Engagement at Earth Trust. “Wittenham Clumps has long inspired artists like Paul Nash to reflect this remarkable landscape. We are excited to be welcoming a new artist to interact with visitors, lead workshops and create an impactful legacy artwork inspired by our landscapes and mission.”

Once in place, the artist in residence will engage visitors through open studios, talks and interactive activitie, lead public workshops inviting participation in the creative process and ceate a substantial artwork as a lasting legacy to inspire reflection.

Calling all artists

We welcome diverse artistic voices and mediums that champion inclusivity. If you’re an artist who is passionate about sustainability, nature and community engagement, we invite you to apply by submitting a proposal.

We are hosting an open morning event on Monday 13th November where interested artists can tour our location and learn more about the residency. Email us to register your attendance.

“We’re thrilled to catalyse change on critical issues through art, nature and inspiration,” Anna comments, “Join us on this journey as we ignite passion for people and planet!”

Full details are available at The closing date for applications is Sunday 19th December 2023.

A call to artists inspired to use nature to ignite passion for people and planet!