Launch of “Inspiring Future Green Leaders” programme

Nurturing a Love for Nature in Young Minds


We are excited to announce the launch of the “Inspiring Future Green Leaders” programme, made possible through the generous support of the Brickability Group Foundation Trust. This initiative aims to cultivate environmental stewardship in our future generations, forging a strong connection between young minds and the natural world.

Studies have shown that, while concern for the environment is widespread, practical engagement with nature remains limited, particularly among children in urban areas and underserved communities. Thanks to the generous support from Brickability, Earth Trust is embarking on a three-year journey, beginning in September 2023 and extending until 2026, to lead an environmental education and experience programme for children in Reading. We will collaborate closely with 15 schools, which represent one-third of all state primary schools in Reading, with the goal of reaching five schools each year.

On-Site and Off-Site Adventures

Each school will have the opportunity to send a class to Earth Trust for a full day of immersive environmental education activities tailored to their curriculum. Participating schools can choose from three exciting themes: Brilliant Biodiversity, Climate Culture, or Feed the World. Each theme encourages students to apply scientific and mathematical principles to real-world challenges, empowering them to take meaningful action for our planet.

In-School Initiatives

We’ll encourage schools to foster environmental interests within their communities, providing support to schools in implementing changes that can have a far-reaching impact, such as training teachers to teach biodiversity or creating accessible spaces for growing food.

Networking and Collaboration

An integral part of this project is the creation of a network among schools, facilitating the exchange of knowledge, experiences, and enthusiasm. Our aim is to nurture a community of schools dedicated to environmental education, that can help create the earth guardians of the future.

Stuart Ritchie, Earth Trust Education Manager, enthuses, “What excites me is that this is science in the real world, and it’s fun and relatable, complementing the theory in the classroom.”

Impact and Beyond

As the programme unfolds, we will assess how students’ connection to nature evolves, their environmental concerns grow, and their perception of their school’s eco-friendliness deepens. Participating schools will also be encouraged to share their outdoor learning experiences with families, local communities, and neighbouring schools to inspire others and create lasting and sustainable change.

Earth Trust is excited to welcome the pupils of Caversham Park Primary School this week as our first participants, who will be delving into the wonders of Brilliant Biodiversity. Over the next few weeks, we’ll also be hosting visits from E.P. Collier and Coley primary schools.

Esme Wilson from the Brickability Group Foundation Trust commented, “Brickability Group PLC is committed to supporting and giving back to the communities we operate in and to support environmental projects in the UK which protect and enhance the natural world. To help us do this, we launched the Brickability Group Foundation Trust.

“We are delighted to be working with Earth Trust as one of our first partners for the launch of two new three-year programmes that align with our ESG strategy, Together For The Future.   Earth Trust’s project will deliver real and lasting impact to the communities we work in and the natural environment.”