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Robin BuxtonThe Earth Trust Giving Circle was formed in October 2019 by Dr Robin Buxton as he entered into his new role as Patron of the charity.  He wanted to provide Earth Trust with a more stable financial future and opportunities for supporters to be more connected to our work. Thus the Giving Circle was created with an annual giving level of £1000, donated in a way that suits your budget throughout the year or as an annual donation. We invite everyone to consider becoming a member and welcome a conversation with anyone interested to learn more – please contact Lee Ann Norris, Head of Fundraising on [email protected]

Earth Trust provides bi-annual newsletters with more in-depth information about our work and impacts, as well as opportunities to attend unique behind the scenes events (on site or remotely) and other supporter occasions.

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Supporting Earth Trust is important to us as we both feel passionately about the beautiful countryside and the future of the environment

Felicity, Giving Circle Member

Testimonial: Felicity & Richard’s Story

Richard and I decided to join the Earth Trust Giving Circle after our longstanding involvement with the Trust.  We first learnt about Earth Trust during Richard’s time as High Sheriff and I subsequently joined as a Trustee. The Trust does an amazingly good job providing open natural spaces for everyone to enjoy, including the Wittenham Clumps (the most visited and freely accessible green area in Oxfordshire).

Supporting Earth Trust is important to us as we both feel passionately about the beautiful County and countryside we live in and the future of the environment.  There should be, as much as possible, free access to the countryside so that everyone can experience nature, to see how land can be used and farmed sustainably, and rivers or woodlands managed to support healthy ecosystems.  The volunteer programme provides an opportunity for anyone to support the Trust and provides health and wellness benefits for individuals involved.

Earth Trust’s work is very diverse: from the environmental education programme that works with schools and families, to the River of Life projects on the River Thames (increasing biodiversity and alleviating flooding) to many more projects that address the climate emergency and protect heritage for future generations.   We have been kept up to date and well informed about this work through regular newsletters, invitations to events (both in person and online) and have had several tours around the sites.

Our hope for the future as a member of the Giving Circle is to see Earth Trust’s work continue and expand, allowing everyone access to nature. We are excited to see Earth Trust increase their connection with young people through the innovative work they can undertake in Earth Lab – the new skills and learning building – encouraging them to explore nature and helping them to take ownership of the issues around the environment and to find out more about the natural world.

Our daughter Polly’s last post on social media before she died was: “Appreciate the people around you, adventure with them…go out to experience the world…Respect the World and look after the bees”. Quite a legacy for us and by supporting Earth Trust through the Giving Circle it means that we can help share these wonderful open spaces with everyone, giving them the opportunity to get out and experience the natural world and to have FUN!

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