Learning Resources

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Outdoor activities

Go exploring in your garden, local park or at one of Earth Trust’s green spaces!

[mini-icon icon=”leaf”] Green space BioBlitz

[mini-icon icon=”leaf”] Journey stick

[mini-icon icon=”leaf”] Make a mini den

[mini-icon icon=”leaf”] Make your garden hedgehog friendly

[mini-icon icon=”leaf”] Painting with mud

[mini-icon icon=”leaf”] Pine cone bird feeders

[mini-icon icon=”leaf”] Rainbow scavenger hunt

[mini-icon icon=”leaf”] Rainbow walk

[mini-icon icon=”leaf”] Spring spotter: Easter wildlife

[mini-icon icon=”leaf”] Spring/summer spotter: Pollinators

[mini-icon icon=”leaf”] Summer holiday scavenger hunt


Indoor activities

Experience the great outdoors from indoors…

[mini-icon icon=”leaf”] Colour me in: hedgehog

[mini-icon icon=”leaf”] Colour me in: lamb

[mini-icon icon=”leaf”] Make mini binoculars

[mini-icon icon=”leaf”] Make a wildlife card game

[mini-icon icon=”leaf”] Poetry competition

[mini-icon icon=”leaf”] Roman recipe: honey oat biscuits

[mini-icon icon=”leaf”] Spotlight species: nettles




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