Artist in residence programme

Igniting the passion of artists for people and planet.

Earth Trust’s purpose is to inspire people to address climate, biodiversity and wellbeing with the power of natural green spaces. Our mission is to champion access and engagement with natural green spaces for everyone, so that together we take action for people and planet.

Wittenham Clumps has been a source of creative inspiration for artists for centuries, with artists such as Paul Nash and many more producing a variety of works in response to their experiences here.

Our Artist in Residence programme aims to facilitate visitor engagement with Earth Trust through creative responses that inspire a sense of wonder, appreciation and understanding of the environment.

Programme overview

A series of appointed artists will each spend around 10 days, across 3 months, working at Earth Trust Centre, our Farm and in the surrounding landscape, setting up an art studio or workshop space here and working within the principles of sustainability to actively produce pieces that respond to our work and green spaces.

Each artist will deliver three public workshops, capturing the story of their time spent at Earth Trust, and create a final legacy artwork that serves as a source of inspiration and reflection for future visitors.

The residency programme recognises art’s power to inspire, and provides a new opportunity to champion accessible green spaces where people and nature flourish together.

JC Niala, Artist in Residence Jan-April 2024

JC is an Oxford-based artist, whose work is deeply rooted in the rhythms and wonders of the natural world, combining poetry, sculpture and other art forms to bring people together in appreciation of nature.

With collaboration at the heart of her legacy, JC will be drawing inspiration from the voices of the Earth Trust community as well as the breathtaking landscape. Culminating in a collaborative legacy artwork piece, incorporating nature-inspired designs and words from the community, her art collection will embody the voices, values and profound connection with nature felt by those involved.

“It’s been a journey of discovery, collaboration and trust.”
JC Niala, Earth Trust Artist in Residence

JC’s artwork was unveiled at a private viewing event in April 2024, and can now be viewed in the Welcome Hub at Earth Trust Centre.

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Nicola Fielding, Artist in Residence May-July 2024

Local artist, Nicola, finds beauty quite literally in the landscape creating sketches and sculptures using natural inks and clay from materials foraged at Earth Trust green spaces.

Alongside her ceramics-based legacy project, Nicola will also produce a series of drawings that capture the diverse range of wildlife the area supports to create a catalogue of the threatened species that have been recorded in the area, and highlight the importance of Earth Trust spaces in conservation for the future.

“I was inspired to learn about the Roman history of the site through Earth Trust’s recent archaeological digs, particularly the evidence of a house with a mosaic floor. Creating a mosaic of my own, using clay from the site, would allow my legacy artwork to follow in the footsteps of the past.”
Nicola Fielding, Earth Trust Artist in Residence

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The impact

Our story is nature’s story Human’s thrive on the wellbeing benefits of birdsong, green spaces to gather, and clean air and water. But Nature needs us too – now more than ever. If we feel connected to nature, we are more likely to take action to protect it.

Art is one way to support this relationship – art opens our eyes to nature’s magnificence and the intricate balance underlying it. It builds understanding of our role within the web of life. And it brings people together to take steps, both big and small, to heal our world.

By sparking a renewed bond between people and the planet, creativity and wonder can inspire us to build a future where both flourish.