Survival skills for new starters

Earth Explorer learning experiences

Challenge your class to some wilderness survival on the Wittenham Clumps!

Build confidence and problem solving skills by working together to build a water-proof shelter out of natural materials. Pupils will test their perseverance by learning how to safely light a fire without matches. By the end of the session they will be able to discuss risks, responsibilities and survive in the wild.

Your class will build important life and personal skills such as perseverance, discussion and team building. Activities can include: water proof shelter building challenge, fire lighting, ropes and hammocks, and wild art.

Education Levels: EYFS/Key Stage 1

Capacity: Up to 100 pupils per day

Availability: All year round

Duration: Full day

Cost: £10 per child; minimum £230 per session (All prices are subject to VAT)

For more information and to tailor your activities to the age and interest of your class please get in touch.

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