Influential Romans

Human History learning experiences

Escape the classroom and bring history to life.

Immerse your pupils in local Roman history by exploring a landscape where archaeologists have uncovered a Roman settlement with a villa, two cemeteries, a grain kiln and pottery from across the empire.

We aim to spark curiosity by providing an opportunity to connect with history in a tangible way. Your class will battle with the Iron Age tribes, handle artefacts and make food using traditional methods, in addition to exploring the art and culture of this impressive civilization.

Leaving Earth Trust, they will be inspired and eager to learn more.

Download a session overview:

Influential Romans


Curriculum: Key Stage 2
Capacity: Up to 90 pupils per day
Timings: 10am – 2pm
Cost: £10 per child; minimum £250 per session


10:00  Arrive at Earth Trust Centre and settle in
10:30  Walk to Wittenham Clumps
12:00  Break for lunch
12:45  Visit our active Roman archaeological site
13.30  Artefact handling and pottery making
14:00  Collect bags and depart

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