Castle Hill Steps Renovated!

We asked for your help to renovate the Castle Hill steps and you responded!

We launched the appeal to ensure that this beautiful green space can remain accessible to the public and that the delicate archaeology of this ancient monument continued to be protected. It is with huge thanks that we can say our appeal was a success!

Earth Trust works hard to protect and care for green spaces across South Oxfordshire, providing open access to special places including the iconic Wittenham Clumps. Castle Hill is one of the hills that make up Wittenham Clumps. Its striking Iron Age ramparts draw in 150,000 visits every year from local residents and those further afield, and the north face of the ramparts had become increasingly eroded.

Appeal update

Following a fundraising appeal, our land management team was able to oversee the restoration of the steps on the North side of Castle Hill last week.

Two of our regular specialist volunteers worked with members of our Land Management team, Chris and Tim to carry out the work over three days. Together, the four of them completed the work under the guidance of an archaeologist, who ensured that the integrity of the monument was preserved throughout the process.

The transformation

Castle Steps renovation, Wittenham Clumps, Earth TrustWe think this is an impressive piece of work in any weather, yet in the height of a heatwave – well done and thank you to everyone involved!

The new steps have been constructed using stone and kick boards made from recycled materials. As a result, they are incredibly strong and will be able to withstand the thousands of people who enjoy visits to this iconic landmark every year. We think they look rather dashing too!

The renovation has ensured that you, and all our visitors, can continue to access this important green space without damaging the delicate archaeology of a monument constructed thousands of years ago.

Thank to everyone who donated to our appeal to make this essential work possible!