Make winter a season of giving back to nature

As the temperature drops and the days shorten, winter brings its unique charm to the landscape, often with a sparkling dusting of frost.

While it may seem like a time when nature takes a quiet rest, there are still many ways we can actively support and nurture the environment during this season.

Here are some ideas of impactful ways you can help nature to thrive during the chilly winter months …

robin feeding from a garden birdfeeder in winter supporting nature

Feed the birds

Winter is a challenging time for birds to find food so setting up feeders in your garden or outdoor space can provide much-needed sustenance for our feathered friends. Offering a variety of high-energy foods such as bird seeds, nuts, and suet balls can attract different species. Take a look at our guide to making your own pine cone bird feeder.

As temperatures drop below freezing, water is equally crucial, so putting out a shallow dish with fresh water is another helpful idea.

winter leaves on the ground supporting nature and biodiversity

Create habitats (by not tidying up!)

Leaving areas of your garden undisturbed, allowing fallen leaves, branches and other debris to form a natural mulch, provides a protective shelter for insects and small creatures such as toads and newts to tuck themselves away from the elements.

If you do want something to do, then planting winter-flowering shrubs and bulbs in your borders or plant pots will provide nectar sources for hungry early pollinators like bees and butterflies.

ladies hedglaying in UK winter to help nature and support biodiversity

Gift your time to nature

Our land management volunteering programme continues throughout the winter, with seasonal tasks including tree planting, hedgelaying and habitat restoration, maintaining the natural green spaces Earth Trust care for. Take a look at how to get involved.

Alternatively, litter picking in your local area is something that can be quick and easy to do. Every little bit really does help to protect vulnerable ecosystems.

wrapping paper and fairy lights contribute to plastic waste in winter

Choose the eco-friendly way

The winter season often sees an increase in plastic waste due to all the festivities. When not properly disposed of, plastic can end up in our oceans and rivers, harming wildlife. Small changes can significantly reduce our environmental impact. Remember your reusable shopping bags, make sure to recycle wrapping paper the right way (plastic-coated foil types need to go in the general waste), and avoid single-use plastics wherever possible.

You might consider using renewable energy sources to heat your home, switching to a green energy provider, or boosting your loft insulation to reduce your energy consumption. The Energy Saving Trust website offers tips and advice for quick and easy ways to save energy, lower your bills and reduce your carbon footprint.

lady holding gate open at Wittenham Clumps oxfordshire EcoAttractions visit in winter

Join our growing community of changemakers, taking action for people and planet

Our members and volunteers make our work possible. From educating the next generation to understand and love the natural world, to nurturing green spaces in urban places that need them most, to demonstrating how we can live in better balance with our environment – we’re working tirelessly to enable nature and people to thrive together, while using this work to inspire change at a national level too. We can do even more if you join us!

Become a member, donate or fundraise, to champion access and engagement with natural green spaces for everyone.

You can also use your voice to call for change from decision makers. Sign our e-petition to speak up for nature, and be part of the change!

By taking proactive steps to support and nurture our natural environment, we can make a significant difference.  Let’s make this winter a season of giving back to nature.