Farm Step Opportunities

Dream of being a farmer or running your own green business?

Earth Trust is inviting proposals from prospective businesses for use of land and infrastructure on our 500ha site in South Oxfordshire. In addition to presenting a credible business case, Farm Step entrants will be selected against three criteria:

Sustainable living

Does your business contribute to sustainable living? Farming techniques and the business model should provide opportunities for wildlife and represent clear environmental benefits in terms of minimising resource use and carbon.

Linking people, food & farming

Will the farm enterprise and business model bring people in surrounding communities into a closer relationship with land and with the people and processes associated with food production?

Earth Trust community

Does the business fit in well with other enterprises operating on the Earth Trust Farm? Does it increase the diversity of activities at the Earth Trust Centre and will it increase the experiences the Trust offers visitors? Does it complement Earth Trust activities?

More information

If you’d like to find out more or already have your own proposal please email Chris Parker, Head of Land Management or call 01865 407792.

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