The green spaces you love need your support today

Green spaces offer us so much: places to go for a walk and clear our heads, to let kids run off some steam, to meet with friends, take in the views and reconnect with nature. But, the green spaces we love need so much more from us right now.

Earth Trust launched a campaign this summer asking everyone who loves a green space, to look after it. But, as winter approaches, we have a lot of essential work to do – all of which helps ensure our green spaces continue to provide for us all for years to come.  Please show that you Love and Look After green spaces by making a donation today.

If you’ve spent time with your family in green spaces this summer, could you donate £10 today to look after them again this winter?

Earth Trust’s work creates and maintains the biodiverse and accessible green spaces that give us all so much. However, increased visitor numbers and reduced staff capacity have placed our green spaces under considerable strain and we need your support to nurture them and keep them in good heart for everyone to enjoy.

Will you ensure Earth Trust’s green spaces remain accessible with a gift of £15?

The Clumps alone welcome tens of thousands of visitors every year – but many have never considered the cost of looking after them. If every family who visited gave just £15, it would ensure Earth Trust can continue to sustain public access by laying hedges, maintaining footpaths, clearing scrub and so much more.

Please donate £25 today to secure the future of the green spaces you love

At the peak of the pandemic, 80% of Earth Trust staff were furloughed and all volunteer groups suspended. Even more critically, our funds have been vastly depleted in recent months – and this is impacting on our ability to bring staff back from furlough.

The growing list of crucial land management tasks needed to care for green spaces, combined with increased visitor numbers and a backlog of work from the summer, means we urgently need to return to work to safeguard green spaces.

Please show that you love and look after our green spaces by making a donation today. Thank you.

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Share your photos and tell us how you’ve taken part using #LoveItLookAfterIt!

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