Fires at Earth Trust places

A fire that had been left on Round Hill last week. Earth Trust wardens attended and put the fire out, however it had already scorched the tree behind causing permanent damage.

We’ve had several reports of fires at Earth Trust places over the last few weeks, including from bonfires and BBQs that have been left while still burning. So far our team have managed to respond quickly when reports of a fire have come in and this has limited their spread, but sadly our spaces have still been affected.

Earth Trust does not permit the lighting of any fires by the general public, including for BBQs.

Fires are not permitted at Earth Trust places, and following the warm dry weather we’ve had this spring they pose a particularly high risk of spreading at the moment. Our green spaces are looked after year-round to provide everyone with enriching experiences across all of our habitats. Fires not only pose a significant risk to our staff, volunteers and visitors, but also have a direct impact on the survival of these spaces and the wildlife that inhabits them.

Please do not light any fires while visiting our places.

If you see fires being lit or have any concerns about any behaviour at our sites, please call our office immediately on 01865 407792. If you see a fire that is out of control or posing imminent danger, please call 999 before contacting our office.

Thank you for helping to keep the green spaces you enjoy safe for everyone.

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