River of Life II walking route


Immerse yourself in nature on this wetlands walk. Starting at the base of the famous Wittenham Clumps, you’ll head along the River Thames and past 46,000m2 of ponds and backwaters, before heading back across fields, meadows and around Paradise Wood.

The ponds and backwaters you’ll see were developed in 2021 as part of River of Life II. As well as creating important habitat for people and wildlife to enjoy, wetlands help to alleviate floods and absorb carbon. Find out more about our River of Life I and River of Life II wetland projects.

Along the way you might be lucky enough to spot herons, kingfishers or even otters, as well as plenty of fish. You can also see wildflowers in the meadows in spring and summer, and visiting migrant birds at the wetlands in the winter.



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