Beard announced as Earth Lab and Innovation Hub contractor

We’re pleased to announce that we’ve appointed Beard Construction for phase one of our Gateway Programme. Beard will be building our environmentally focused education centre, Earth Lab, and converting one of our existing barns into an Innovation Hub for sustainable businesses. The work will mean more people of all ages can engage with the environment and climate change through access to natural green spaces.

“This project is a fantastic opportunity for Beard to demonstrate our commitment to sustainable construction. Earth Trust’s passion for the scheme is infectious and we will do our utmost to live up to the challenges they’ve set us. This project will provide a showcase for how sustainable construction can contribute to meeting climate change goals.”
Dean Averies, director for Beard Oxford

Earth Lab will provide flexible and accessible classroom space for the delivery of STEM and art-based environmental education sessions, bringing the curriculum to life. In fact, it will double our capacity to engage people and provide opportunities to come together and discover what we can all do to care for the natural world. The Innovation Hub will offer multi-use business units for likeminded sustainability conscious businesses, as well as an inspiring welcome for visitors.

Gateway Programme Manager, Adam Godwin,  says: “We are delighted to be working with Beard. Their bid supported our vision for a better future for the environment by demonstrating sustainable construction. As well as improving accessibility, Earth Lab and the Innovation Hub will also demonstrate the sustainable use of water, and materials such as wood and straw. The new facilities will provide visitors with interactive experiences as they discover the rich history and complex ecosystems of the surrounding landscape”.

Visitors to Earth Trust will see Beard on site  as they start work on the Earth Lab and Innovation Hub this week.