Sister charities

Earth Trust, the Oxford Trust, and the Sylva Foundation share a common history as they were all set up and funded by the late Sir Martin Wood and Lady Audrey Wood.

Each of us has a distinctive vocation, voice and vision, yet at our heart we have all inherited our founders’ generosity of spirit and innovative approach to getting things done for science, people and nature.

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The Oxford Trust

The Trust’s mission is simple: to encourage the pursuit of science. They do this through three connected programmes: STEM education, public engagement and innovation. While the Trust focuses on innovation, the education and engagement programmes are delivered through Science Oxford.

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Earth Trust

Set in an area of outstanding natural beauty, Earth Trust’s mission is to champion access and engagement with natural green spaces for everyone so that together we can take action for people and planet.


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Sylva Foundation

Sylva Foundation is a national charity working for a society that lives in harmony with nature, focusing on the stewardship of our forests and the utility of home-grown timber. It provides solutions to meet significant environmental challenges by innovating, collaborating, training and advocating.

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