Walking in nature

Thanks to funding from OCF (Oxfordshire Community Fund), Earth Trust were able to run a series of mindful walks at three of our beautiful green spaces during November – January 2021.

The 9 different walks were each run by an Earth Trust tutor and supported by our volunteers. Walking within nature was the main focus of the walks. As well as taking time to chat and get to know each other, on all the walks we spent time, intentionally, in mindful silence.

Through our experience of working with children, families and adults, we understand that doing things as a group increases enjoyment and supports emotional wellbeing. We also see this through our regular volunteering groups.

Walking is a wonderful way to create a safe and nurturing environment, while doing physical exercise – all of which contribute to positive emotional wellbeing. The simple pleasure of being in nature brings benefits to mental and physical health.

We encourage everyone to use the outdoors as a preventative method to increase people’s resilience and find positive spaces to reflect.