Regenerative agriculture training in protected landscapes

Farming in the UK, and across the world, is undergoing massive transformation, in response to a wide range of threats, including climate change, food security, losses in biodiversity, the sustainability of soils and the pressures of an ever-expanding population. There has been a step-change in how farmers work and learn together, collaborate and share learning to address these challenges.

The UK’s 46 Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB) are exceptional landscapes whose distinctive character and natural beauty are precious enough to be safeguarded in the national interest. How we farm within these areas is of huge importance to their ecosystems and long-term sustainability.

Earth Trust’s farm sits within the North Wessex Downs AONB. In addition to the duty of care for our own farm, we are also collaborating with the AONB to share skills, knowledge and techniques with neighbouring farmers and landowners to help farming within this protected landscape.

Project Goals

With funding from the Farming in Protected Landscapes (FiPL) programme,  Earth Trust is working with the North Wessex Downs AONB to create a local culture of sharing and learning for farmers and landowners as we face the future of farming together.

Project Approach

Earth Trust convened a series of three workshops, between March and May 2023, as the start of an ongoing network and collaboration between Earth Trust and the AONB.

Niels Corfield, an expert consultant in regenerative farming practices led the workshops, focusing on Soil Health for Farmers and Regenerative Grazing.

With the aim to support farmers with the practicalities of shifting towards economically sustainable regenerative practices the workshops also helped farmers to understand the need for, and how to, store carbon as part of their in- field farm practices.

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