Meadow Plant Nursery


Kevin Morgan’s Meadow Plant Nursery joined Farm Step in 2017. He specialises in perennials and baskets, and all plants are organically grown using peat free compost and fed with home produced comfrey fertilizer.

Meadow Plant Nursery reduce plant ‘mileage’ by propagating and growing-on plants. They are also local stockists of peat free Dalefoot Wool Compost. This compost, made up of wool and bracken, has been refined for over 20 years to produce a range of products which are environmentally friendly and sustainable. The wool retains moisture thereby reducing the water requirement and the bracken slowly releases its nutrients reducing the need for fertilizer.

Meadow Plant Nursery recycles plastic pots and trays and welcome any returns, clean or otherwise!

In partnership with the Plant Heritage Committee they are creating a unique National Collection of Eryngium. As our climate changes these plants will become more useful, they enjoy poor soil and dry warm weather, also the bees love them.

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Plants can be purchased online via our website and Facebook page, or bought directly at the Island Farm Donkey Sanctuary which is open 7 days a week.



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Kevin Morgan
Phone: 07786 452184
Email: web contact form
Facebook: Meadow Plant Nursery