Catalysing nature recovery for people and nature

Nature recovery that puts the environment and people at the heart of change

There has been significant progress and change in the global, national and regional nature recovery policy, most recently with Local Nature Recovery Strategies. But, there has been little on what this means for communities, and engagement with people where they live and with their places.

In order to deliver nature recovery, nature needs to be built into people’s lives and for this, more cross-sector/system wide approaches are required to support change at the scale required. It is vital that we embed social engagement with nature into our futures.

Earth Trust is taking action at local, regional and national levels so that more people can enjoy green spaces close to them and become connected to nature, so that they then take action for people and nature to thrive together. We want greater equality of access and investment in the creation, and protection, of high quality green spaces for everyone.

The key to a positive future lies in people – their actions, their decision making and their creativity.

Will – and if so, how will –  people be given the power and the resources to implement policies, standards and guidelines?

In May 2022, we developed and shared our framework for Building Nature In to our built environment in order to create and protect natural ecosystems and strengthen the connection between people and nature.

While the construction and development representatives at the Building Nature In event were bought into the high level principles of bringing people closer to nature, there was concern on how this might work in practice and a call for more real-world examples and case studies that demonstrate how these principles can work in practice and share learning on navigating barriers and challenges.

Our approach

Catalysing Nature Recovery for People and Nature builds on the convening work of 2022, to establish a multi sector knowledge network (a ‘network of networks’)  that will advance practical approaches for delivering nature recovery while building nature in to people’s lives.

Project aims

The first phase of this project (from January 2023 to September 2024) aims to:

Lay the ground work for a new cross sector regional network of people and organisations that are able to support Natural England as it develops nature recovery networks.

Develop a pathway for a nature recovery network that puts people at the heart of change, enabling better access and engagement with nature.

Project outputs

The first phase of Catalysing Nature Recovery for People and Nature will:

  • Identify and form a regional network of individuals and organisations to catalyse thinking, build understanding of best practice and develop capacity across multiple sectors
  • Develop active steering, implementation and networking groups to co-create a participatory, peer learning programme using a blend of in person and online engagement
  • Develop a platform for concrete examples and evidence from projects where nature recovery is also actively building nature in to people’s lives
  •  Validate, and further develop the 6 principles for Building Nature In

Project impact

Overall, the Catalysing Nature Recovery for People and Nature project promises major benefits for biodiversity and communities – strategically supporting the expansion, connectivity, amount, quality of nature in a way that also supports people’s experience of nature by reducing barriers and supporting deeper engagement to green spaces.