Wallingford Beach gains bathing destination status

Earth Trust welcomes the designation of Wallingford Beach as an official bathing water site. This is a testament to the power of community collaboration in driving positive change for the health of our rivers and the people who enjoy them. As the charity responsible for managing access to this site through the Wallingford Riverside meadows, we’re thrilled to see this stretch of the Thames recognised and protected.

However, the ‘Poor’ water quality rating from last year’s monitoring is a stark reminder of the urgent action needed to make our rivers consistently safe for swimming and wildlife. We hope this bathing water status will accelerate efforts by Thames Water, the Environment Agency and other stakeholders to investigate and tackle the root causes of pollution.

At Earth Trust, we’re committed to caring for precious blue and green spaces like the Thames riverbank, and inspiring people to get involved in caring for them so that people and nature can thrive together.

The designation of Wallingford Beach as a safe swimming spot is an exciting milestone worth celebrating. But it’s just the start of realising a broader vision of thriving riverscapes that can nurture both human wellbeing and flourishing ecosystems. Earth Trust remains dedicated to this vital mission, and to working hand-in-hand with our community to protect and enhance our precious natural heritage for generations to come.

We look forward to engaging with the upcoming consultation on expanding bathing water regulations and access. By collaborating with partner organisations and empowering public participation, we believe we can reconnect people with our life-sustaining rivers and drive the changes needed for a healthier future for all.