Earth School Visits

This section includes important information about your visit to the Earth Trust such as what to bring, how to get here and how much it will cost.

Arrange a pre-visit

If necessary please contact us to arrange a suitable date and time for a pre-visit to our site and to meet a member of our Learning Team. We particularly encourage this for first time visitors as part of your risk assessment for the trip.

Risk Assessment

We acknowledge that undertaking risky activities is an important part of outdoor learning and encourage people to develop a healthy attitude towards risk. To help with your planning and risk assessment we will email  you a copy of our current Educational Visits Site Risk Assessment. Our Learning Team will explain specific risks in an age appropriate manner for activities before starting.

Medical and behavioural issues

Please can you inform us ahead of the visit about any relevant medical or behavioural issues your pupils may have and anything that we can do to help. This should be completed on your booking form but please update us if necessary.

Group organisation and ratios

To save time on the day we have found that it is often easier to arrange pupils into smaller work groups before the visit and letting them know what these are before they arrive. For younger groups it is often good to provide each group with a specific adult to focus them on the activities and lend a hand. There is no charge for accompanying adults.

 Age Group  Recommended ratio adult:child
 EY  1:2
 FS  1:4
 KS1  1:6
 KS2  1:8
 KS3/+  1:12
Roles and responsibilities during the visit

The Visit Leader is responsible for:

  • Ensuring appropriate ratios
  • Ensuring first aid cover
  • All necessary medicines are brought and trained persons are available
  • That all supporting adults are aware of risk assessments and procedures for the visit

Supporting Adults are responsible for:

  • Behaviour and conduct of the group
  • Specific roles agreed with Visit Leader

Earth Trust staff are responsible for: 

  • Ensuring locations are suitable and safe for group to use
  • Ensuring equipment and materials are safe and appropriate to use
  • Assessing dynamic risks onsite
  • Leading activities and explaining specific risks
  • Supporting first aid incidents as required
  • Coordinating response in event  of missing persons and other emergencies

What to bring

Although some parts of the day may be spent inside the bulk of your visit will be outside. Unfortunately we can’t guarantee perfect weather!

Here is a list of suggested things for everyone to bring:

Old Clothes Please wear garments you don’t mind getting wet or muddy! We recommend long trousers, no matter what the weather, to protect from brambles and nettles.
Weather Protection Gloves and woolly hat in cold weather; sun hat and sun cream if it’s hot. Waterproof jacket plus trousers if you have them.
Boots or trainers Please bring wellies in a plastic bag and change of footwear if it is (or has been) wet, trainers if it is (and has been) dry.
Lunch Packed lunch including drinks and snacks – refillable bottles are best to top up on water throughout the day.
Cameras Perhaps not for everyone but it’s nice to bring a few cameras to record your experiences and even some for the children to use as well.
What to expect on the day


You will be met at the Earth Trust Centre by a member of the Learning Team. They will lead you to the space booked for your visit and introduce themselves and outline the day’s activities to everyone. There is then time for a toilet stop, snack and the necessary faffing to get everyone ready for getting outside.


These will depend on the type of visit you have booked and will be agreed beforehand. We are quite flexible so please talk to us at the start of the day if you have any requests that you would like to focus on. We pay close attention to the weather and conditions on our site and reserve the right to adapt activities as required. We endeavour to do this in consultation with you and to provide alternative activities relevant to your booking. Instruction for all equipment provided will be given and it must be used in the approved manner at all times.


Lunch lasts approximately half an hour and will be held at the Earth Trust Centre, either inside the Learning Barn or in an appropriate outside location around the Centre. During this time the class are the teacher’s responsibility but our team may suggest locations to visit and use, such as the Orchard and Wild Play Area.


We aim to finish our days at 2.30pm. However, we are aware that this does not always work with transport arrangements. Please advise us of your intended departure time and we will adjust the day to finish earlier or later accordingly.


Earth Trust, Little Wittenham, Oxfordshire, OX14 4QZ

Please make sure that your driver follows the brown signs to Earth Trust and does not go through Little Wittenham village – this will avoid difficult corners for large coaches.

Pricing & Payments

We will invoice your school for the number of pupils in attendance after the visit. Please let us know if there are any special requirements you have for invoices.

Prices from 1st September 2018:

Visit Type  Half day Full day
EYFS & Primary School £7*/child
Minimum charge: £100*
Minimum charge: £225*
Secondary School n/a £11*/child
Mininum charge: £275*
Outreach £250* (+ mileage) £320* (+ mileage)
Didcot Sewage Treatment Works n/a Free**

*All prices will be subject to VAT from September 2019 (which schools can claim back).
**Schools need to provide their own transport to and from the site.

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