Planning a visit?

Opening Times: Always open

Parking: Nearest car park is at the Earth Trust Centre (Monday-Friday, 9am-5pm), also accessible via footpaths from Neptune Wood car park (always open)

Dog Walking: Dogs allowed when on the lead

Toilets: No

Broad Arboretum

Whether you’re keen to learn the difference between a hornbeam and a beech, want to wander amongst the trees or enjoy a picnic in a meadow, Broad Arboretum is a wonderful place for a walk. A meandering path takes you through this living library which has every tree and shrub species native to Oxfordshire and many early introductions as well – 49 species in total!

What to see

The trees, shrubs and hedgerows of the arboretum are a haven for wildlife: look out for yellowhammer and fieldfare, and listen for the call of the corn bunting which sounds like chinking keys. The best time of year to visit the arboretum is in autumn when it comes alive with a burst of beautiful colours.


The arboretum was named after Ken Broad of the Oxfordshire Woodland Group (OWG). Ken was the first Oxfordshire Woodland Project Manager and the OWG worked in partnership with the Earth Trust to design and plant this collection of trees. Planting began in 1998 and in 2008 the arboretum was formally opened by Ken’s widow and daughter. Twenty years on, now that the trees are well established, the arboretum is a must for tree lovers.

Broad Arboretum is home to every tree species native to Oxfordshire, along with recent introductions such as walnut, sycamore and chestnut.


Managing the arboretum, to keep the trees healthy, and safe for visitors, includes coppicing and laying the hedgerows in the winter.

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