Unveiling of Gateway design plans at annual Supporters’ Day

This year’s Supporters’ Day at the Earth Trust saw the unveiling of some of the design plans for our new skills and learning building, Earth Lab. The event opened with CEO Jayne Manley on the value of green spaces in Oxfordshire as a key part and contribution to the bigger carbon neutrality or net zero carbon and biodiversity picture. White Design then took the stage to talk guests through some of the exciting design ideas for the Gateway project and offered a never before seen preview of the architectural drawings for this innovative learning space.

There was an overwhelmingly positive and supportive response from guests who got the chance to ask questions and speak to Craig White and Ellie Lasota about aspects of the designs.

[pullquote align=”left or right”]“The journey now is to say why don’t we invite in and work with insects and animals by designing a building that lives and breathes itself?” Craig White, White Design[/pullquote]

Ellie Lasota, of White Design, said: “This amazing building, the Earth Lab, will capture and lock in over 16 tonnes of atmospheric CO2 through its exposed timber frames and straw insulated wall panels.”

As has always been tradition, each year Oxfordshire County Council presents Earth Trust with a rose, as peppercorn rent and an acknowledgement of the historic agreement between council and charity to allow public access to Earth Trust’s green space at the Wittenham Clumps. Dr Robin Buxton, Interim Chair of Trustees, was delighted to receive this year’s rose from Chairman of OCC, Councillor Les Sibley, who commended Earth Trust on the work it undertakes to provide the public with experience of the natural world, something he said “which is sometimes taken for granted.”

Robin Buxton commented: “The countryside was a much more accessible space back when I was a child. The world is now a very different place, with many natural spaces closed off, but Earth Trust is championing accessible natural green spaces for all.”

Earth Trust Supporters’ Ceremony took place on Thursday 20th June 2019 and was attended by over 90 people.