The Big Give Christmas Challenge 2020

We’re excited to share that Earth Trust will be taking part in the Big Give Christmas Challenge this year. The Big Give Christmas Challenge is a match-funding campaign, which means that every penny we receive towards our £2,000 target between 1st and 8th December will be doubled by matching champions – giving it twice the impact.

Access to green spaces and opportunities to learn outdoors have been at the heart of Earth Trust’s ethos for more than 30 years. And after almost a year of lockdowns, enabling people to experience natural green spaces and inspiring the next generation to care for them has never been more important. Programmes like our Countryside Skills sessions, which are tailored to support students with disabilities, learning difficulties, or who struggle in a traditional academic environment, are particularly in demand – but with little funding to support them. And yet, they can make such a difference:


“Two years ago he was very cautious of being in the natural world and walked very slowly. Now he can walk for an hour covering long distances, and he loves to run and have contact with nature. He has overcome other challenges too, such as putting on gloves and boots, and enjoys using tools.”
Feedback on the experience of a student with learning difficulties.


“Building up confidence and resilience has been our aim, focusing on walking and exploring the sensory experience of being outside.”
Jenny Creese, Head of Environmental Education, on starting to work with special educational need groups again after the first lockdown.


Earth Trust champions access to green space for everyone, and these outdoor sessions build confidence and teach life skills. They begin to break down some of the barriers to connecting with nature. But we urgently need to adapt and expand our offer to meet these needs while operating safely in light of Covid-19. Your support could help make more of these experiences possible.


“We have always loved and used Wittenham Clumps, but this year, during the pandemic, the open spaces where the children can safely explore has been a life-saver. We have spent many happy hours and had many adventures there, and are truly grateful for the opportunity and all that you do.”
Earth Trust supporter


The Big Give Christmas Challenge is a matched-funding scheme – which means that we can do twice as much with your gift. One donation, twice the impact.

The Big Give Christmas Challenge has now closed for 2020. Thank you for all your support.


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