Visiting safely during the Covid-19 outbreak

At Earth Trust we’re always looking for ways to bring nature to you and, in line with the latest government advice that we should all be staying at home, over the next few weeks we’ll be doing our best to do this online. You can sign up here to receive our newsletters, where we’ll be sharing activity ideas as well as news from the farm, or follow us on social media to get our latest posts and resources.

However, we know our green spaces may continue to be popular spots for those wanting to make the most of their daily exercise. Please make sure you’re staying safe and enabling others to do the same by following these guidelines:

  • Keep your distance – make sure there are at least 2m between you and other families at all times, as demonstrated by our CEO Jayne and Head of Fundraising Lee Ann in the video below!
  • Look out for each other – be aware that we may not have staff on site when you visit, and that emergency services may also be slower to respond at the moment if you need help. And of course, if you’re unwell, please stay at home.
  • Think about common areas where you might share contact, such as going over stiles. Gates should be left as they are found, but if you need to touch them remember to wash your hands as soon as you can afterwards (or use hand sanitiser), and avoid touching your face in the meantime.
  • Don’t stay if it’s busy. At peak times it’s harder to keep a safe space between families especially on narrower footpaths, so if it looks busy when you arrive, please come back another time or try one of our other places. We’ve also heard rumours that early morning visits are just as beautiful and much quieter – who’s up for watching that sun rise?
  • Park like a pro – if you’re driving here please be considerate when you park up. Leave a sensible distance between cars, and allow plenty of space for others to enter/exit the car park and turn around safely. If a car park is full, please do not park on the road as this could prevent emergency vehicles from getting through.

Why are Beard Construction still on site during the Covid-19 lockdown?

Visitors to the Earth Trust Farm and Wittenham Clumps may have noticed that our contractors, Beard, are still on site working on our new Earth Lab education centre and Innovation Hub. Guidance is constantly being updated, however, in line with current recommendations, we have agreed that Beard have sufficient precautions in place to enable them to keep working during this period.

As per government advice, construction works are continuing. Beard have introduced a number of additional measures to limit the risk of spreading Covid-19, including removal of any face-to-face meetings and restrictions on the number of contractors allowed on site at any one time.

All of this, coupled with the fact the Earth Trust site is in a remote, rural setting – very different to constructions sites based in highly populated urban environments – reduces the risk of spreading disease and allows work to continue. Earth Trust and Beard are constantly monitoring the situation and will put the project on hold if any future government guidance recommends it, but for the time being Beard are happy to continue supporting a local business as the location provides a safe working environment.

Thank you for working with us to keep everyone safe.


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