Meet our first corporate member: Five Little Pigs

Nestled in the charming market town of Wallingford, is Five Little Pigs, a bustling bistro with sustainability and community at its core.

This summer, we were delighted to welcome Five Little Pigs as the first member of our newly launched Corporate Membership scheme, formalising our shared commitment to connecting with nature, supporting local producers, and fostering community.  We spoke to Aimee Hunt, co-owner and executive chef to hear more about their commitment to sustainability and the environment.

“Having worked with Earth Trust for over a year – as a pop up café at their pumpkin and lambing festivals, and welcoming the summer solstice with cocktails on the Clumps – becoming a corporate member felt like a natural step.” Aimee  explains. “We’re over the moon to partner with Earth Trust. Your mission to connect people with nature fits perfectly with our own ethos.”

Five Little Pigs focuses on supporting local producers, eating seasonally, and reducing waste. They source over 70% of their ever-changing menu from within 15 miles, including fresh ingredients from the restaurant’s quaint garden. Meat comes from nearby Cotswold farms, and fish is sustainably caught in local rivers. Fruits and vegetables are grown just 3 miles away at The Clays, an organic market garden. The local focus extends to the bar too, where foraged finds are transformed into seasonal cocktails, like the nocino sour made using their homemade green walnut liqueur.

This hyper-local and seasonal approach creates a traceable farm-to-fork journey that reduces food miles and emissions.

“Simple decisions like supporting our small-scale producers make a real difference we can all feel good about,” explains Aimee passionately.

Aimee and her family have long found inspiration in Earth Trust’s bountiful green spaces. “I love foraging for interesting ingredients when I can. The Wittenham Clumps and other beautiful green spaces cared for by Earth Trust are some of my favourite spots to find wild garlic, mushrooms, and elderflowers.” This foraged bounty often makes its way into seasonal elixirs at the bar or as a garnish elevating a dish. The restaurant has also gleaned windfall and surplus produce from Earth Trust’s farm and taken stewardship of a derelict orchard, finding inventive ways to use this bounty and prevent waste.

The Five Little Pigs team have also demonstrated their creativity with inspiring projects like the ‘Spare Bed’ initiative that take the local concept further. Neighbours ‘lend’ unused garden space to grow fresh produce that the chefs pick and use that day. It’s community-supported agriculture at a micro-level.

Reducing waste is also a priority. The restaurant runs a closed-loop system, composting trimmings to fertilise their beds. They practice nose-to-tail cooking across seasonal menus. “Even spent coffee grounds get turned into garden fertiliser.” says Aimee.

At Five Little Pigs, caring for staff is as important as quality ingredients. The close-knit team are like family, with many employees staying since opening day. Becoming an Earth Trust corporate member is one way the restaurant gives back. “We want our team to feel proud of the work we do. Partnering with Earth Trust aligns us with an organisation that reflects our sustainability passion,” explains Aimee.

“We’re thrilled to welcome Five Little Pigs as our first corporate member,” says Lee Ann Norris, Earth Trust’s head of fundraising. “Their passion for sustainability and community through food is an inspiration. We look forward to doing great work together.”

For other organisations looking to operate sustainably, Aimee advises warmly,

“Start small. Look at ways you can reduce waste through recycling and composting. Build relationships with local suppliers and – if you’re a restaurant – focus on seasonal ingredients. Sustainability is a journey, but every step counts.”