Lucy’s Ponds: a special place for people and wildlife

by Earth Trust

12th October 2021

Lucy holding a toad

A year ago we lost our colleague and friend, Lucy Benyon. Lucy was passionate about the environment, and frogs and toads had a particularly special place in her heart. Today, as we remember the joy Lucy brought to so many, we’re pleased to share that the three new ponds in Little Wittenham Wood will be named “Lucy’s Ponds” in her memory.

These new ponds will support local flora and fauna, including some of the amphibians she loved so much. Created as part of River of Life II, they’ll provide more places for frogs, toads and newts to breed, and protect these populations against some of the potential effects of climate change.

Funds raised by Lucy’s friends and family will be used to enhance areas around the pond for people and wildlife. New fencing will protect the new habitats created, while a bench, memorial stone and new planting will create a unique place to remember Lucy and connect with nature.

Thank you to everyone who donated in Lucy’s memory. Together with Lucy’s family, we hope visitors will enjoy spending time around the ponds, and in the spring might even be lucky enough to spot some of the extraordinary amphibians that call it home.

Drone footage of the new ponds in Little Wittenham Wood

Lucy’s Ponds as they begin to establish.

Pond images with thanks to Burst Design.


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  1. Dave Eccles
    12th October 2021 at 9:38 pm · Reply

    What a lovely way for Lucy’s family and friends to remember her.
    Had a chat ,or a quick word with Lucy many times in the kitchen at the Earth Trust.
    A lovely young Lady .

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