Thrupp Lake

What can I see?

  • Blossoming trees, gathering herons, hatching cygnets and darting kingfishers – in spring.
  • The lake shimmering with emergent damselflies and darting dragonflies – during summer.
  • Spectacular colours and gracefully gliding swans – in autumn.
  • Chilly mist or snow transforming the lake into a magical setting thronging with a multitude of overwintering wetland birds – in winter.

 What’s special about this place?

  • During the early summer there is also the opportunity to enjoy common spotted orchids and white helleborines, particularly in St David’s Meadow. This transformation of this area from scrubland has been one of our greatest achievements on site.
  • There is a circular walk around the lake, a gentle stroll of around 1.7km/1 mile, with a wooden boardwalk across the North West corner that gives you the chance to walk over water.
  • One of the most exciting recent sightings has been otters! These magnificent mammals have been seen in the lake, though you’ll need to be very quiet to catch a glimpse of them.
  • The Radley Lakes complex is an area of former gravel workings. In 2008, two of the lakes were saved from destruction after a long community-led campaign by the Save Radley Lakes group. This group became the Friends of Radley Lakes who are now integral to helping look after this place.