Abbey Fishponds

What can I see?

  • Water – being a wetland, water is a primary feature here so there is a brook, ponds, seasonal pools, and wet grassland.
  • Other habitats – reedbeds, sedge beds, sycamore woodland, fen and scrub.

What is special about this place?

  • It may seem small and enclosed but this place is home to a wealth of wildlife, including over 450 plants, mammals, birds, invertebrates and amphibians, 21 species of butterfly and 200 species of flowering plant!
  • Its gets its name from the embankment that runs east-west through the reserve; it was first thought this was a medieval dam built to create a fishpond for Abingdon Abbey. However, recent archaeological work suggests that it is probably the remains of a Roman causeway. This area is known locally as ‘daisy bank’.
  • We have a dedicated volunteer group who work hard to maintain the different habitats and keep the site accessible.