Planning a visit?

Opening Times: No public access

Parking: Neptune Wood car park is always open

Dog Walking: Dogs not allowed

Toilets: No

Paradise Wood

Paradise Wood is our national research woodland. This incredible resource is a living genetic library and the largest collection of hardwood timber trials in the country.

What to see

In order to preserve the scientific trials, Paradise Wood is not open to the general public. We do occasionally have open days and tours, please visit the What’s On page to see if anything is coming up.

As well as the research trials there are also a number of non-research plantings, including shelter belts and conservation areas that include a wide variety of tree and shrub species. These enhance the local landscape and provide benefits to wildlife.


The first trees were planted in 1993 on former arable land, known in medieval times as ‘Paradise Field’. Since then, around 60,000 trees have been planted.


Earth Trust is championing a new sustainable model for our trees and forests – integrated management which balances their value for amenity and for wildlife, as well as for economic, sustainable timber production.

The research at Paradise Wood is primarily focused on the production of high quality hardwood timber. There are many hardwood tree species grown in Britain, but we have chosen five species to include in our tree breeding program: ash, beech, cherry, oak and walnut. These species were selected because of their commercial importance and their ability to grow well in mixtures and on a variety of sites. We also undertake additional research into the environmental and economic aspects of commercial broadleaved forestry.

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