Night Safari at Thrupp Lake


Join us for this night-time expedition to discover Thrupp Lake’s wildlife, who knows what we might find?

We’ll be going on a guided walk of the nature reserve and using a variety of techniques to see, hear and trap the local wildlife. We will check the small mammal traps* – in the past we have caught wood mice, bank voles and shrews. We’ll then get out the bat detectors and use them to listen out for these amazing creatures, hopefully catching a glimpse with high power torches. Finally, once it’s dark, we’ll go to the moth trap to see what’s coming to the light – moths come in every shape, size and colour!

*The traps are non lethal and totally humane – it captures the animal in a box with plenty of food and hay to keep them cosy.

Suggested minimum age: 5yrs (though please note the timing of this event).

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