Archaeology Online: Roman Life in Oxfordshire

Ancient World: Roman Life in Oxfordshire

What was life like in Roman Britain? Find out in this interactive online talk delivered by DigVentures archaeologists.

Archaeologists have recently discovered a Roman villa at Earth Trust. Find out more about the remains and what they can tell us about life in Roman times.

In this event, you will get to:

  • Learn what was happening in Oxfordshire in the Roman period
  • Take a guided virtual tour of Oxfordshire’s major Roman sites
  • Meet the archaeologists who discovered the villa
  • Watch how archaeologists unearthed the villa
  • Interact with the archaeologists live in the Finds Room
  • See some of the Roman artefacts up close
  • Ask any questions you have

Find out more and book: Thursday 4th March 2021, 6pm

If you’d like to watch but can’t make the live event, you can also register to get access to the recording.

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