Archaeology Online: Iron Age life in Oxfordshire

Ancient World: Iron Age Life in Oxfordshire

What was life like in Iron Age Britain? Find out in this interactive online talk delivered by DigVentures archaeologists.

Archaeologists have recently discovered the remains of an Iron Age village at the Earth Trust Centre. In this interactive online event, you will get to:

  • Learn what was happening in Oxfordshire during the Iron Age
  • Take a guided virtual tour of Oxfordshire’s main prehistoric sites
  • Meet the archaeologists who discovered the Iron Age village
  • Learn what Iron Age homes were like
  • Interact with the archaeologists live in the Finds Room
  • Find out why Earth Trust is building a new roundhouse, and how to build one
  • Ask any questions you have

Find out more and book: Thursday 25th February 2021, 6pm

If you’d like to watch but can’t make the live event, you can also register to get access to the recording.

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