Coopers Oxford Pork

Coopers Oxford Pork keep Oxford Sandy and Black Pigs in woodland on the Earth Trust Farm.

Oxford Sandy and Black are a traditional breed also referred to as the Oxford Forest Pig which is one of the oldest British breeds. The breed has many good qualities, including an excellent temperament and superb mothering skills. Prolific and hardy it is suited to an outdoor environment, they are good foragers and, as they are a coloured pig with a good coat, they are far less prone to sunburn than other breeds.

Mark and Jane Cooper rear pigs for pork which they sell either privately or at local farmers markets, as well as rearing pigs for registration with the BPA (British Pig Association) for showing and breeding. Their pigs are free range and spend the whole of their lives outdoors in traditional pig arks. Unlike intensive pig farming the Cooper’s pigs are allowed to grow slowly to maturity; this provides the meat with a flavour that cannot be found with intensively reared stock.

The pigs are not ringed, which leaves them free to fulfill their instincts, which are to root and forage, while at the same time have access to shelter from the wind, rain and sun. As well as their main feed, which does not contain growth promoters or chemical additives, they benefit from a supplement of fresh fruits and vegetables.

Pregnant sows are moved into a purpose built farrowing shed about a week before the litter is due, they have ample room to move around and access to an outside pen.

Where to buy

You can find Coopers Oxford Pork at several local farmers’ markets or order from the website, where you can also find out about hog roasts for parties/events/weddings.

Contact details

Mark Cooper
Phone: 01235 859262
Email: web contact form

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