Brightwell Bees

The Earth Trust Farm is home to a number of honeybee hives managed by Viv and Steve Moll who live in the neighbouring village of Brightwell-cum-Sotwell. The Molls also have hives located at other sites in the surrounding South Oxfordshire and West Berkshire villages.

Brightwell Bees offer a range of honey and beeswax products, including candles and polish.

Honeybees forage within a large 3-4 km radius of the hive, and can be found on a wide variety of plant species as the seasons change. In spring time, honeybees can be seen on wild plum, blackthorn, wild cherry, hawthorn and horse chestnut. In early summer, honeybees move to lime trees, clover and other wildflowers. As summer progresses, blackberry bushes become a very important food source and honeybees can be observed alongside footpaths at this time. In autumn, ivy nectar tops up the 20 kg of honey stores which the bee colony requires for sustenance through the long winter months.

Where to buy

As well as local Oxfordshire and Berkshire honey, Viv and Steve make a range of beautiful hand crafted pure beeswax candles and traditional furniture polish – which are all made from the beeswax produced by their honeybees. Find out in which shops you can buy these products.

Contact details

Viv and Steve Moll
Phone: 01491 824679
Email: web contact form

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