Volunteer Photographers

What does the role involve?

We are on the lookout for volunteer photographers who would like to share their photos with us for use across our communication channels. You might take the dog for a walk on a regular route and take a snap on your phone when the sky is looking particularly lovely, or maybe you enjoy taking all your digital kit and caboodle out with you to get some stunning shots of nature. Whatever the case, and no matter your skill level, we would love to see the photos you take when out and enjoying our green spaces or at our events.

You might be out with the family, going for a picnic or you might have spotted an interesting species – whatever you find, we would love you to share your snaps with us!

What attitudes, skills and experience do I need?

No formal skills needed, just a camera or smart phone and a good eye!

How will the team support me?

The team are happy to provide advice on specific images we might be looking for or locations where you may be able to get a good shot.

How much time do I need to commit?

This is a casual volunteer opportunity so whenever inspiration strikes is up to you!

Benefits of this role

You’ll be helping us to show more people the beauty of our green spaces. Any shots you share could be used across our social media platforms, on our website, in our weekly communications, and in our print material – we are, of course, happy to give full credit to you including, where appropriate, your social media handle or web address. This is an excellent opportunity if you’dlike the chance for your photos to be used in a public domain.

What to do next if you want to apply or need more information

If you have photos you would like to share with us, either email them to [email protected] or message us on social media.

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