Legacies and Giving in Memory

Like you, we are passionate about ensuring our green spaces are protected and nurtured for generations to come. Remembering Earth Trust in your Will is a simple yet powerful way to support us. Your generosity will help Earth Trust plan for future developments, whilst continuing with the important work we undertake every day, championing accessible green spaces.

If you are planning to include Earth Trust in your Will, we would love to be able to say thank you. Please use the reply form to let us know your intentions.

Your legacy toolkit

We’ve compiled some resources that may help you to make or amend your will:

Codicil form – please use this simple form to easily amend your existing will
Reply form –  please use this form to let us know your intentions, or tell us if you’d like more information
Please honour my wishes card – please use this card to request donations to the Earth Trust in lieu of flowers at your funeral

Please note that the resources above are intended for information purposes only, and in no way constitutes legal or professional advice. We always recommend that you seek independent specialist advice when writing or amending your will.

Celebrate the life of a loved one

Make a donation in memory

At Earth Trust we are constantly touched by how much our wonderful places mean to the people that visit or live locally to them. For many people, sites such as the Wittenham Clumps hold great significance in their lives and it can be comforting to know that if a loved one has passed, you can make a difference to a cause or place that they truly loved and believed in.

If you would like to discuss making a gift to Earth Trust in memory of someone please get in touch. Alternatively, you can make a donation online – all donations are very gratefully received.

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