Nurturing Earth Trust’s Woodlands

After a summer when the immediate impacts of the climate and ecological emergencies have been all too apparent, Earth Trust is focusing on the practical solutions nature offers.

Nurturing woodlands is fundamental to combatting the climate and ecological emergencies. The trees across Earth Trust’s green spaces absorb carbon, play host to a wealth of biodiversity, support scientific research into tree resilience and provide healthy spaces for you to enjoy. However, Earth Trust’s unique and precious woodlands are under pressure from climate change and invasive species. Please, will you donate today to help care for them?

Doubling your donation

Thanks to Grundon Waste Management Ltd, the first £2,000 donated will be matched pound for pound until 12th October, giving your donation twice the impact!


Thank you to Grundon Waste Management Ltd for so generously supporting this appeal.


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Addressing the Climate and Ecological Crises

Sequestering carbon

Every minute of the day, the mature trees of Little Wittenham Wood, Broad Arboretum, Neptune Wood and Paradise Wood, together with all of the individual trees across Earth Trust’s green spaces, are helping to combat the climate emergency by locking away carbon. In fact, over their lifetime they'll absorb more than 52,000 tonnes of carbon1, preventing rising temperatures. Please help us care for these precious trees.

[1] Woodland Trust figures – 400+ tonnes per hectare

Will you give £15 today to care for one of Earth Trust’s unique trees?

Protecting our trees from invasive species and pests

The pressures brought by the ecological emergency places great importance on conserving native tree species, which support so much biodiversity. Earth Trust’s careful stewardship and care of our woodlands depends on staff expertise and skill, as well as invaluable volunteer work. We are developing best practice techniques for woodland management which ensures our woodlands are teeming with life, and with your support we can share that knowledge far and wide.

Please could you help develop and share best practice woodland management by donating £25 today?

Safeguarding our genetic library

Earth Trust is home to the UK’s most genetically diverse collection of hardwood trees – a vital resource for climate-resilience research as it allows tree species that can best adapt to climate change and attacks from pests and diseases to be identified. However, Earth Trust can only care for these unique and important trees with your support.

We urgently need your help to continue caring for these precious trees. Please, could you make an incredible difference today with a donation of £50?

Providing public access

Earth Trust’s beautiful woodlands are a health and wellbeing haven for those seeking time in nature. Earth Trust’s woodlands receive tens of thousands of visitors every year seeking a retreat from the pressures of the modern world. But providing safe and open access for everyone to enjoy our spaces takes time, resources and staff expertise.

Please, will you give £100 to ensure Earth Trust’s woodlands remain open and accessible for visitors to enjoy?

Your donations could help …

… care for 130 hectares of unique and precious woodland, ensuring these ecosystems can absorb carbon and combat climate change.

… protect trees from invasive species, pests and disease, giving them the best chance for survival.

… provide habitats for a huge diversity of bird, mammal, insect and amphibian populations that depend on our woodland management.

… develop, evolve and share best practice woodland management techniques, helping to protect woodlands across the country.

… provide open, safe and enjoyable access to our woodlands for the everyone to enjoy.

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