New way to support the local green spaces you love

Earth Trust is a champion for accessible natural green spaces and the next time you visit the Wittenham Clumps you will notice a new and easy way to support our work. As well as refreshing our welcome signage and site map, helping you to get the most out of your visit, you will also spot that we have installed a new secure donation box.

Visitors who spend time at the natural green spaces we look after, will now have an opportunity to support us in protecting these places that they enjoy in a fuss-free, easy way.  Every donation we receive will be put back in to nurturing our incredible green spaces, ensuring they are places where the living world thrives and where you can develop your love of their environment and your role in caring for it.

Earth Trust is proud guardian of over 500 hectares of farmland, wetland and woodland. Jayne Manley, CEO, said “With over 150,000 visits each year, we work hard to manage the delicate balance between sustainable farming, biodiversity and conservation whilst also giving people access to green space. Every donation helps ensure that the green spaces you love are well managed, well cared for and remain accessible and open for years to come”.

Whether you are on a dog walk, having a family picnic, or enjoying some well deserved time out please do make a donation.

Every donation helps!  Thank you from the Earth Trust team!

A kind visitor making one of the first donations yesterday!

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