Maintaining the River of Life

In 2013 digging started on the River of Life, a partnership project with the Environment Agency to create various wetland habitats on the banks of the Thames near Shillingford. Five years on and this wonderful new wetland has reached the point where we need to start carrying out maintenance work. Senior Warden Tim Read has been out with some of our volunteers and welcomed back teams from the Environment Agency to work on the winding backwater channels.

“One of the main benefits of these backwaters is the creation of calm, sheltered areas, off the main channel, ideal for fish. Some have started to clog up with rushes and reeds, limiting the movement of fish and allowing the channel to fill up with sediment. In an effort to keep the backwater open we’ve been getting muddy with volunteers, pulling Bulrush up and digging out some of the roots,” Tim explained.

Whilst this kind of vegetation is good for a lot of wildlife it’s important to keep it in check and as such we’ll need to do some clearing once every five years or so.

Tim added: “A huge thank you to the hard-working Earth Trust and EA volunteers!”

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