Fly-tipping at Wittenham Clumps

Our green spaces take a lot of time, money and management to ensure they are cared for and accessible to the public.

Sadly, today we have had an incident of fly-tipping in the car park at the foot of the Wittenham Clumps, a Scheduled Ancient Monument and a Site of Special Scientific Interest. The person or people concerned had left a significant pile of household items including bedroom furniture, a sofa, and kitchen cabinets; items which could have been recylced at any of the local recycling centres, just a few miles away.

The Earth Trust Farm where the items were dumped is in private ownership, so unfortunately we cannot call on the local authorities to help clear the discarded waste. As such, Earth Trust’s Community Reserves Warden, Lucy, spent an hour removing the rubbish, separating it and arranging for as much as possible to be recycled.

Sadly, this is not an isolated incident and we have had multiple instances of fly-tipping over the last few months at our beautiful green spaces in Didcot, Wallingford and Abingdon.

We want our green spaces to be open and accessible for everyone to enjoy, so we’re encouraging everyone to do their part in helping us to care for these important places. Thank you to the person who reported the incident, and to the kind member of the public who helped with the tidy-up.

You can help us by:

  1. Reporting incidents such as these when you find them.
  2. Supporting Earth Trust by making a donation either through this online donation form or the donation boxes in our car parks.
  3. If you have rubbish you want to get rid of, please think reuse, reduce, recycle. There are an increasing number of ways to dispose of things that you no longer need and in so doing you can help the planet through your actions.

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