Celebrate Earth Day and stand up for green spaces everywhere

Never has nature been more important than in this pandemic.

It’s well documented that time spent in open, natural and beautiful green spaces can have a positive impact on us – even two hours a week has been shown to boost our health and mental wellbeing.

Right now, Earth Trust’s green spaces are providing this vital resource. Enabling people to connect with nature, giving children space to run and climb, and supporting those who need some time out.

Our green spaces are there and open for all of us – but only for as long as we can look after them.

Our income has been severely impacted, so we’re working with a reduced staff team, and our volunteer groups are unable to meet with the restrictions in place. Now, more than ever, we need your support to safeguard these precious green spaces and ensure they remain open. We want to continue welcoming everyone, but as it stands, we may not have the resource to do this. Making sure that paths are repaired, ditches cleared and fences maintained all comes at a cost.

Could you give £5 a month to protect the places that provide fresh air and space to take a breath?

Many of the jobs our volunteers do support biodiversity. From pulling up ragwort so that our wildflower meadows can thrive, to stopping the spread of invasive Himalayan balsam, and providing tern rafts to help nesting birds. It takes a huge workforce for wildlife to thrive, but we know it’s worth it. Not only does it support healthy ecosystems, but the richer and more biodiverse our environments are, the greater the positive impact they have on our health and wellbeing. Resourcing this without our volunteers is a tough ask, but we’re doing our best to answer it.

Could you help today with a gift of £10 a month to help safeguard these delicate ecosystems?

The Covid-19 crisis has made our mission to champion access to green spaces more important than ever before. Our day to day lives are improved by connections to the natural world, however big or small, and we mustn’t underestimate them – especially at times like these. We believe that everyone has the right, and the need, to access green spaces wherever they are. We’re working hard to make sure that this message is shared and heard – but we need your help.

Could you give £20 a month to help champion accessible green spaces for everyone?

This Earth Day, we’re asking if you could stand up for green spaces and donate to our urgent appeal. Your gift could make all the difference to looking after special places through Covid-19, so that we can all enjoy them again in the future.

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Thank you.

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